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Rikyu Koji 14th generation; head master

We at Mushakouji Senke would like to thank you for visiting our website recently.

We would like to introduce you to “Kankyuan”, our tea school. We at Mushakouji Senke have kept the tradition which was handed down to us by a man of enormous stature,Sen no Rikyu,450 year ago. While considering what is expected of us from bystanders, our aim is to harmonize the modern spirit with the traditional way of tea, in hopes of broadening the previous idea of the way of tea. In other words, we believe that “tradition is the accumulation of innovation.” So we have objectively recognized the way of tea in today's society, without rigidly sticking to the elements of the past.

As head masters, we have tried our best to achieve our aim involving a certain amount of flexibility, which has become an essential trait to our school.
Rikyu Koji 14th generation; head master


Mushakouji Senke;14th head master and general director of the foundation, Kankyuan.

Born in 1945 in Kyoto.City
Graduated from Rakusei middle and high school
Keio Gijyuku University Masters Course-MA
December 1988 suceeded Futessai Soshu as the 14th head master's
Established in the 1980's, often visited University's in the United States, European countries,upon visitation rites.
Performed Tea ceremony as an government envoy and visited European countries and China.
March 1994 Intvited by the Vatican, dedicated Tea to the Cardinals; received in an honorary audience by Pope John Paul II and explain the Japanese way of Tea.
February 1997 Granted the 15th Kyoto Prefectural Award for culture awareness.
November 2012,Granted the Kyoto city Award for culture awareness. Recently, Visiting professor-taught courses at Tokyo University of the Arts, Osaka College of Music, Otemae University, trying to appeal to the younger generation.

Foundation Kankyuan

Kankyuan was founded in 1965 as the center of Mushakouji Senke with the intention to preserve the traditional way of tea and allow the tea spirit to prevail, in order to enhance Japanese culture.

Main Project of this Foundation
  • Preservation of Kankyuan and other branches; open them to the public.
  • Holding of tea gatherings and tea performances.
  • Publication and distribution of books on the way of tea
  • All other events related to achieve the ideals of the foundation.
Main Events
  • Hatsugama ceremony(Kyoto Headquarters, Tokyo Branch held in January)
  • Dedication of tea at specific temples and shrines.
  • A religious ceremony and tea ceremony that is held on the anniversary dates of Rikyu, Ichio, in Kyoto.
  • Summer intensive course and study meetings in Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Takamatsu and Matsue.
Foundation Kankyuan
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